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Atul Garg

General VK Singh

Name  Atul Garg
Contact No.  087000 50091
Qualification  B. Com.
Position State Minister
Resi. Address  Ghaziabad
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Atul Garg

Mr. Atul Garg, previous Mayor, Son of  Mr. Dinesh Chandra Garg,  they are from Ghaziabad. The work is done and is doing its business and brother.JP And working in different associations, a conviction is picked up by the general public. By nature, Mr. Atul Garg, who has a delicate, lucrative and trained identity, is doing any fill in as well as in the psyche and diligent work, he likewise offers new proposals, tests.

Kokner opened in excess of 40 organizations for the designing schools, (for example, IET, KEC, IPEC, KIMT, KIOOT, KGEC and so on.) and they all got a considerable measure of the name all through Uttar Pradesh. Up until now, in excess of 2000 adolescents have been prepared by outstanding engine winding, engine technician, AC, TV, fridge repairman, versatile repair, sustenance handling, PC tiring, security watch, independent work preparing, Computer arrangement open in little schools.

One of these focuses has been introduced by Mrs. Kiran Bedi, who is as yet running in the prison. Atul Garg effectively played the obligation of each mix of publicity in the race of Mrs. Damanti Goyal, Shri Sunil Sharma, and Mr. Rajnath Singh.

Political Career

Atul Garg effectively played the obligation of advancing and sorting out the race of Mrs. Damyanti Goyal, Mr. Sunil Sharma, and Mr. Rajnath Singh.

He challenged in 2012 yet lost and won in 2017. He is a functioning individual from Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP), for a long time and has held numerous positions. He has been a Campaign Manager for Ghaziabad Lok Sabha Constituency for Shri Rajnath Singh and Shri V.K. Singh.

He was a National Convener, BJP, Investor Protection Cell. He is Member of State Executive, BJP. He was National Co-Coordinator of BJP Business Cell. Atul Garg got the services of Food and Civil Supplies, Rent control, Consumer Protection, Weights and measures, Food.


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