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Iskcon Temple Ghaziabad

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Phone : 9899-412-724 / 813-099-2862

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Address : R-11/35, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad UP

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ISKCON Ghaziabad History

With Srila Prabhupada’s 12 temple vision for Delhi coming to life, devotees in the satellite city of Ghaziabad opened temple number seven. The Delhi area is one of the ripest areas in the world for reaching people – it has a population of 11.5 million in the city, and an extended metropolitan population of almost 22 million.

As the three-day installation and inauguration ceremony came to an end on February 17 – Nityananda’s appearance day – Ghaziabad devotees could finally breathe a sigh of contented accomplishment. And after spending over a decade developing their community, and three years constructing the temple, they deserved it.

The four-story temple and fifteen-room guest house was built with assistance from the Arora family in London, who donated land in one of the most affluent areas of Uttar Pradesh. Built from pink Jaipur stone, and boasting ornately carved wooden altars, Italian marble floors, gold-leafed ceiling motifs, chandeliers, and a spiral staircase, it’s a perfect home for Jagannath, Lord of the Universe. Along with his siblings, Baladeva and Subhadra, He’s finally relaxing after traveling 11,000 km on Indian Ratha-Yatras throughout the years.

8,000 people welcomed the Lord to His new home, including devotees, eminent Indian leaders, VIPS, and locals. The Mayor of Ghaziabad showed his support by inaugurating a new public square outside the temple called “Hare Krishna Square,” located on “Bhaktivedanta Swami Road.” or “Hare krsna Marg”

The celebrations ended in suitably grand style, with a helicopter flying overhead and showering a torrent of rose petals onto the temple, Hare Krishna square, and the inspired crowd.

But even as the flowers showered down on them, Ghaziabad devotees were eying their next move. They were planning to focus on youth outreach, since the city of Ghaziabad was home to many of India’s top engineering colleges. And the new temple, with its BBT book store and large conference, seminar, and food halls, was the perfect place to launch a bright future.

Management – Heirarchy

His Holiness Gopal KrishnaGoswami ji Mahraj (G.B.C, Trustee B.B.T)
Sundar Gopal Das (Regional Secretary)

H.G Sundar Gopal prabhu ji graduated as B. Tech. in civil Engineering (Gold medalist) from BITS Pilani in the year 2002 and accomplished his M. Tech. in construction technology and management from IIT Delhi in the year 2004. After the completion of his post-graduation he served in L&T Ltd, Ecc division, as a Manager for 3 years from 2004 to 2007. He joined ISKcON as a full time preacher in the year 2007 and since then he has been the director of ISKCON in Youth Forum and Director of VEDIc club. VEDIc stands for Value Education for Divine Inspiration and culture. Currently he is also the Regional Secretary of the ISKcON Ghaziabad.

Adi Karta Das (President ISKCON, Ghaziabad)

H. G Aadi Kerta Das did BSC I.T and diploma in IT Infrastructure Management in 2003. He worked as a system/network engineer in Wipro and IBM. He joined the ISKCON in 2011 and since then, has been untiringly serving the Lord with full dedication. Currently, he is serving as Temple President in the ISKCON Ghaziabad.

Dhananjay Jagganath Das (General Manager)

H. G Dhananajay Jagganath Das did his B.Tech in Electronic & Communication and Joined ISKCON in 2014. Currently serving as a Ghaziabad General Manager and facilitating the youths of different schools & colleges to spread the Vedic knowledge.

Infrastructure & Facilities

ISKCON Ghaziabad gives all the fascilities of a big Center.Visitors to the temple are factually guests of the Lord who resides as the Deity in the temple. Just as we honour the Deities with the highest standards of spiritual service, we receive the pilgrims with utmost care. Srila Prabhupada emphasized the need to maintain cleanliness and timeliness in Deity worship. These form the major principles behind the facilities deployed in managing the Deity darshan for the pilgrims.

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Temple Schedules

“sravanam kirtanam visnoh smaranam pada-sevanam arcanam vandanam dasyam sakhyam atma-nivedanam
iti pumsarpita visnau bhaktis cen nava-laksana kriyeta bhagavaty addha tan manye ‘dhitam uttamam”

4:30 AM

Mangala Arati

5:00 AM

Sri Tulasi Puja

5:15 AM

Japa Meditation

7:15 AM

Shringar Darshan

7:30 AM

Guru Puja

8:00 AM

Srimad Bhagavatam Class

8:30 AM

Darshan Open

12:30 PM

Raja Bhoga Arati

1:00 PM

Darshan Closeda

4:15 PM

Dhoop Arati

7:15 AM

Sri Tulasi Arati

6:30 PM

Sandhya Arati and Maha Kirtan

7:00 PM

Bhagavad Gita Discourse

8:00 AM

Sayana Arati


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