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Rajiv Khanna jukaso journeys

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Rajiv Khanna jukaso journey

The start of Jukaso Mr. Rajiv khanna jukaso was imagined out of the need to claim and work the best motels in the mid bit publicize in India and over the globe. With an extreme target set up, a mission was endeavored to collect Jukaso stamp units that offered a motivation for money and a strange condition of satisfaction to the corporate voyager in the mid segment.Mr.Rajiv khanna jukaso Starting off in 1978 with the Jukaso Inn, New Delhi, it is a mission that has been powerful and additionally at introduce prepared to achieve and outflank the primary vision. Having recently assembled a reputation transversely finished Asia, Jukaso has similarly made its first walks towards transforming into an overall name.

With the dispatch of Harder-Minerva Jukaso Switzerland (2012), arranged in Interlaken the middle purpose of guest activity in Switzerland, the Jukaso cluster is ready to pass on forward it’s ability and measures of splendor to an overall stage. It has constantly been our conviction that a bit of our thriving is down to the enormous riposte we share with our gainful customers. Thusly, as we prepare to enter this new horizon, we have invigorated our one of a kind mission to reflect this new need for advancement.

Rajiv Khanna jukaso journeys

Rajiv Khanna jukaso journeys


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